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In Review 2022

Throughout 2022 the club continued to grow and evolve. We had a good mix of events catering for blitz, rapid and slow chess players. Our locations limits what we can do in terms lectures and presentations.


In addition to meeting every week at J.P. Licks, we have had the folllowing tournaments and events included:

  • Slow Winter SWISS - Our first slow chess tournament had several players default games.

  • Quarterly Blitz (Q1)

  • Quarterly Blitz (Q2)

  • Open Streets Tournament - as part of Boston Open Streets we held two blitz tournaments, each split in to Groups A and B, each group with 10 players. Local businesses donated prizes. Our aim is to grow this tournament in to a larger and better event attracting players from local clubs. We featured on CBS news and numerous social posts.

  • Match v Medford CC - 10 players from JP Chess and 2 horary members. Result 15.5 - 8.5 win to JP Chess.

  • Quarterly Blitz (Q3) - Attracted 22 players including one National Master who won the tournament with 8 out of 10 points.

  • Slow Summer SWISS - 8 players

  • Match v MIT

  • Match v Boylston Chess Foundation

  • Quarterly Blitz (Q4)

  • Quad Nights - two Quad nights, although only one with recorded scores and players did not update score sheets

Marketing and Membership

We featured in Boston Globe as one of four places to play chess in and around Boston. We appeared on CBS news as part of Open Streets. WBZ radio interviewed us. We also appeared on Jamaica Plain News and Centre and South Streets publications. Our location attracts many people who are walking by. As a result our membership has grown since the start of the year and we have been seeing 20-22 people each week. We have over 100 members per our email and Facebook pages. Our members continue to be predominantly adults and male.


We started the year with $xxxx in reserves. We received xxxx in donations of which xxxx related to prizes donated for the Open Streets event and xxxx a in-kind purchase of meetup. 


Purchases included three folding tables which have been used for the outdoor gatherings and events, 



To continue with weekly meetings at J.P. Licks, the Quarterly Blitz tournaments and the Slow Winter and Slow Summer SWISS tournaments. If Open Streets continues we plan on expanding the Open Streets tournaments and encourage more participants from other clubs. We had 20 people enter the morning, and afternoon tournaments in 2022 and we would like to increase that number to 30-40 in 2023. This may result in three categories instead of two.

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