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Slow Winter Swiss 2022/23

The 2023/3 Slow Winter SWISS tournament started on December 1, 2022 and ended April 30, 2023. The 22 entrants were split in to two groups - Major and Minor based on ability. There were four rounds and each round lasted approx. one month. Time control was 50 minutes plus 10 seconds increment per player. An alternative classical time control such as G/60 may be agreed between players. Each player played one game per round and the game was played in-person or on-line.

Congratulations to the winners being Charlie for the Major and TJ for the Minor category. Full results are show below in order of final placings.


Cumulative Scores - Major Category

SWS 2023 Major Results.png

Cumulative Scores - Minor Category

SWS 2023 Minor Results.png
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