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Thank you to our donors in 2022!

We don't charge any membership fees but rely on the generosity of individual and corporate donors.

Donors (2022)

A big thank you goes to all our donors without whom JP Chess would not be possible. Our donors in 2022 are as follows:

King (Top Donor)Anonymous

Queens ($100+): Ellen O'Brien, Ethan George, James Collins, Mike Makrigiorgos, Rujith de Silva

Rooks ($75-$99): 

Bishops ($50-$74): Adam Tomczak, Ashley Iannone, Alex Callejas, Joseph Nasser, Robert Kerth, Xavier Fradera, Yaniv Ezrach, JP Seafood

Knights ($25-$49): Aidan Lee, Jamie Williams, On Centre, Caffé Nero

Pawns (<$25): Café Beirut, Chris Donovan, J.P. Licks

Thank you to our venue provider J.P. Licks and thank you to the individuals that give their time to run and administer the club. If you would like to donate please click on the donate button above. All donations are highly appreciated.

Donations and Expenses (2022)

We have entered 2022 with $212 in funds. For details of our 2021 donations and expenses click here.

As at Dec 31, 2022

Donations - via GoFundMe         $990

Donations - Direct Purchases      $126

Donations - Prizes                        $145

Total Donations                          $1,261

Expenses incurred:

Chess Inventory

 - Chess Sets, Boards & Bags    $ 34

 - Chess Clock (1)                        $ 21

 - Folding Tables (5)                    $201

Club Nights

 - Batteries for Clocks                 $ 31

 - Masking Tape                           $  5

 - Score Cards                              $  8

Special Events

 - Prizes                                        $152


 - USCF Membership                 $ 40 

 -                           $105

 - Website Domain                     $ 25

 - Website Hosting                     $204


- GoFundMe.                               $ 33

Total Expenses to date.              $859

Total to/(from) Reserves.             $403

Reserves b/f at start of year.       $212

Total in Reserves  at y/e              $615

*Known damaged items including one missing chess bag, a few broken pieces and one clock

We shall reassess the equipment and future purchase needs as the club evolves. The above assumes that we are able to use venues free of charge. Typically rental of premises at the low end is $30 per hour. 

Club Inventory (as at Dec 31, 2022)

The club inventory is as follows:

  • Triple Weighted Chess Sets (14) 

  • Single Weighted Chess Set (1)

  • Duck Chess Piece (2)

  • Box of spare pieces

  • Silicon Boards (15)

  • Green Bags (14), Red Bags (2) 

  • Basic Chess Clocks -15* (one clock replaced, one broken)

  • Rubber Roll Up Board - 1 

  • Folding 4 ft tables - 4 (used outdoor at J.P. Licks)

  • Folding 6ft table - 1 (used indoor at J.P.Licks)

  • Score Sheets (100)

* one clock replaced in 2022

On loan to club:

  • Folding 6ft table - 1


  • The club is reliant on the availability of rent-free premises. The club must maintain a good relationship with existing venue provider and ensure that it is a win-win situation for venue provider and JP Chess.

  • The club is reliant on a few key persons for organization and administration. More volunteers and involvement from others are needed to spread responsibilities and reduce this risk.

  • COVID restrictions, if implemented, can impact on indoor gatherings

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