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Foxwoods Recap

Foxwoods ended with every J.P. Chess member involved ending with a respectable score. Daniel, Ryan, and Elliott scored 5.5, 5.0, and 4.5 respectively, in the U1600, U2200, and U2000 sections. Young fearless Tommy entered the U2200 section and scored 3.0.

Daniel earned a cool $800 for clear third, $200 of which he promptly donated to the Foxwoods Casino after losing several bets on red at the roulette wheel.

Daniel, Ryan and Elliott started out extremely strong, all on 4/5 after two days. Ryan was stomping on underrated players playing up in the U2200, Elliott's prep was GM level against lowly 1800s, and Daniel grounded down the children in the U1600 section.

In round 1, we see a perfect example of grinding down a kid in an exchange Caro Kann, where the weakness Daniel's opponent creates on e6 on move 6 is exploited the entire game, and aids in a beautiful mate with the black king in the middle of the board.

All in all, the tournament was a resounding success, and we identified some weaknesses in our games that we can shore up for the next big tournament.

[Full tournament results here]

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