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QB Full and 'Polgár Places'

We have filled the 24 registration spots for the Quarterly Blitz on Feb 15, 2024 at 6:30pm and we have 6 players on the waitlist. It's going to be a tough tournament with four of the players with blitz ratings 2000 and over, including one NM and one WFM.

We'll be using the SWIPS website to manage pairings. You can follow along the pairings and results live in the evening at the following site:

We shall be introducing at the tournament a concept we are naming 'Polgár Places'. These places are to support our female chess players. They are tables with some extra space as we recognize and understand that it can be uncomfortable for some female players to be crammed in amongst so many male players.

Why Polgár Places? In 1991, Judit Polgár achieved the title of Grandmaster at the age of 15 years and 4 months, at the time the youngest to have done so, breaking the record previously held by former world champion Bobby Fischer. If you want to find out more see her website at [yes, you read that website address right].

[Photo of Judit Polgár]

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