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Results from On-Line Arena (Jan 30)

Our first 2024 on-line blitz Arena took place January 30th evening with 19 participants. Full results can be found on here. Congrats to Paul for coming in first place.

In at least a couple of games there were some nice mating patterns involving a knight and a rook (see below). On the first board white, feeling a bit too relaxed being up on material, moves the Qd3 to threaten the rook on a4. Black punishes white. On the second board, black's mind is on queening one of the pawns and plays c5 and gives up the h pawn. White, however, opts not for the h pawn and goes for a much stronger move.

Feel free to share here any of your nice mates from the tournament. We hope to have another Arena at the end of February.

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