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Abstract Squares
Quad Nights

On occasion we'll have Quads on in-person chess club nights. Quad nights are a great way to meet other players and also play individuals of similar strength. On a Quad night we shall organize chess players in to groups of four and then each player plays everyone else in their Quad either once or twice and records the result on the board. Players will be placed in the Quads according to strength. We'll place board numbers against the boards participating in the Quads to make it easier to find your Quad players. Time controls will be set on the night but will usually be either blitz or rapid time controls. Games are unrated. Quads would start at 6:30pm and last until 8:30pm. The winner of the Quad night will be the player who scores the most points in their Quad. We would need at least 8-12 players to form two or three quads. The lowest Quad may have more than 4 players but would use a SWISS pairing system.

To participate in a Quad register in person on the night before 6:20pm with the tournament director.  

Results of our QUAD nights can be found here: June 2022

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