Rapid Rounds

Rapid Rounds started on December 1, 2021. Players are placed in divisions. Each player plays all players in their division twice by the end of the roundAt the end of each round, which lasts a month (may be extended), the top players are promoted and the bottom ones are relegated.  The top or bottom players are determined using first games scores, then median score and then rapid rating per chess.com/lichess.org. A player that plays no games in a round is removed and must re-register to start again (unless reasonable request made to remain).  The promotion/demotion of players can be impacted by players leaving/joining the Rapid Round divisions.


Time controls are 15 mins per player (or 10 mins if both players agree). Rapid rounds will continue indefinitely depending on demand. To register click here to join the next round.

Results of Rapid Round games should be reported using the form here or via email to jamaicaplainchess@gmail.com

Round 2 Divisions (February & March 2022) 


This list is not updated immediately after each game result. Round 2 ends March 31, 2022.  Note that some players were removed at the end of Round 1 due to no games played and/or unable to continue due to other commitments. For the results of Round 1 click here.  Due to the freed spaces some new players that were waiting were added to higher divisions.

RR Div 1 and 2.jpg
RR Div 3 and 4.jpg
RR2 Div 5.jpg