JP Chess is dependent on a very small number of organizers. If you are an a regular and can assist please reach out or email us at  

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Jamie Williams, Founder and Organizer

Jamie is actively involved in organizing the chess nights, tournaments and co-managing the website. Jamie also raises funds by approaching sponsors and managing the GoFundMe page. Jamie used to travel around the UK playing chess tournaments but took a 20 year break from chess before returning to the game in 2018. 

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Ethan George, Organizer and Certified Club Tournament Director


Ethan is experienced in teaching younger players chess having run chess programs on-line. In addition to co-managing the website Ethan assists with club nights and tournaments. He is a US Chess Certified Club Tournament Director. 


James Collins, Organizer


James helps with the organization of events and club nights. He learned the game at 4 years old, played regularly at school, but stopped playing post high school. He took the game back up in early 2021.


Adam Tomczak, Organizer


Adam helps with the organization of events and club nights. He is often at club nights early helping set up the tables and sets.


JP Chess membership varies depending on what you use to count membership. The graph below shows our membership since the start of 2022 according to Facebook page, club, e-mail distribution list and meetup. On a typical chess night we have 20+ people attend​. 

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