On occasion we play in-person or on-line friendly matches against other chess clubs. The aim is not to thrash one another but to have fun and get to know other players and clubs outside of Jamaica Plain. The number of boards and the time controls will be determined prior to the match. The hope is play both home and away matches. The winner of the match is determined by total score and who plays white (if one game per board) on the top board is determined by a flip of a coin and the team captain. Games are unrated.

If you are a club and would like to challenge JP Chess, or be challenged, please reach out to us by email. The preference is for an in-person match.

The next match will be in the fall against Boylston Chess Club. The match will probably be 15 boards with 2 games per board with timing 15|10. Once a date and time has been set we shall open up registration.

JP Chess v Boylston Chess Registrations

Here is the list of players registered to date. Note that rating is the chess.com rapid rating (or lichess.org rating less 200).  We pair players based on closest rating match. Pairings may change as players sign up.

Est Rapid Rating