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Slow Winter Swiss

The Slow Winter SWISS (SWS) tournament for 2024/25 will start on November 1, 2024 and will end March 31, 2025. There will be 4 rounds. Opponents organize their games with one another during each round.

Round 1: Nov 1 to Dec 15

Round 2: Dec 16 to Jan 31

Round 3: Feb 1 to Feb 29 

Round 4: Mar 1 to Mar 31


Time controls are G50|10. An alternative classical time control may be agreed between both players. Each player plays one game per round and the game is to be played in-person (preference) or on-line. Games are not rated. Registration for the next Slow Winter SWISS will open in October 2024. 


Results of Prior SWS Tournaments:

2023/24 SWS (blog) - Winner Sebastian

2022/23 SWS  - Winners Charlie (Major) and TJ (Minor)

2021/22 SWS - Winner - Eduardo

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