Cube Trophy
Quarterly Blitz

Once a quarter JP Chess has a one night blitz tournament using standard SWISS system pairing. The next blitz is in February 2023. Typically there are 5 rounds. In each round the players play their opponent twice, once with white and once with black. The time controls are 5 minutes per player with zero increment. The games are not rated. Entry is free and prizes are limited.


Specific Date to be set in February 2023


J.P. Licks, Centre Street, Jamaica Plain

Time Controls:

G/5 d0 (5 mins, no increment)


5 Rounds, 2 games per round (1 game with each color)


6:00 Casual chess

6:20 All players should be present (inform Tournament Director)

6:20 Spots freed up and first round pairings done

6:30 Round 1

7:00 Round 2

7:30 Round 3

8:00 Round 4

8:30 Round 5

9:00 End of Tournament 

Rounds may start sooner than scheduled


USCF Blitz rules will apply which include touch move and "taking of the king". Please read. 


The player from the lower rated half with the highest score (split using modified mean) will be awarded a one-hour chess lesson from NM Ryan Young. Thank you Ryan for donating this prize.


If you feel sick or have been in close contact with someone recently with COVID please do not attend the tournament. Please bring a mask and wear if your opponent requests. 

Registered Players and Waitlist

On-line registration will open in February 2023. 

Prior Results

Summary results for prior tournaments:

Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 12.13.41 AM.png

Detailed results for prior tournaments:

2022Q42022Q32022Q2 , 2022Q1 , 2021Q4