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Open Streets with J.P. Chess

We'll be participating in J.P. Open Streets on Sunday July 21, 2024. Open Streets events start at 10am and end at 5:00pm. As with the prior year we shall be having blitz tournaments starting in the morning and in the afternoon, as well as casual chess. We will split each of the tournaments in to two groups, based on level, with 16 players per group. The tournaments will be unrated.

Draft Agenda:

9:00am   Streets Close

10:00am To be fully set up by 10am

10:00am Casual Chess on all tables

10:30am Tournament (AM) until 12:30pm (G5|0 blitz, 4 rounds, 8 games)

12:30pm Casual Chess on all tables 

2:00pm   Tournament (PM) until 4:00pm (G5|0 blitz, 4 rounds, 8 games)

4:00pm   Casual Chess on all tables until 5:00pm

5:00pm   Packing up

5:30pm   All items to be packed away by 5:30pm

6:00pm   Streets will reopen 

Creative Chess Tables

Boston's Creative Chess Club will be bringing along some amazing chess sets and playing some chess variants. Too see some of their chess sets and for more information visit their website here.


The event takes place in an open public location. Please keep your belongings safe and with you at all times. Juniors require parental supervision. Wear a hat and suncream, and bring water with you to stay hydrated. If the number of players in a tournament group is greater than 16 then the tournament rounds may be increased from 4 to 5 rounds and 30 mins added to the tournament time. Tournament players must be present no alter than 10 minutes before the start of the tournament otherwise their spot may be given to someone waiting.


Outdoors, in the streets, near to J.P. Licks store at 659 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA 02130.

Tournament Registration

On-line registration for the tournaments is open and will close on July 20 at noon. After that time only in-person registration on the day (15 mins before the tournament starts) will be permitted so long as there are enough spots available. The list of entrants can be found here.


Thanks to the generousity of local businesses the current prize fund stands at $285. Donors include: Kendall Square Dental,  Monumental Market, Boing Toy ShopOn Centre, The BYTE Shop, J.P. Licks and Papercuts Bookshop. We shall also have some other prizes including JP Chess Mugs and chess key rings. If you are a local business willing and able to donate prizes for 2024 please send us an email at . 

Prior Years:

For more information on the 2023 participation see here (for 2022 participation see here). In 2023 we also participated in the Allston/Brighton and the East Boston Open Streets with casual chess and a simultaneous display. 

[photo of 2023 set up before the arrival of the crowds. 16 boards for the tournaments and 4 boards for just casual chess]

Empty Tables Landscape.jpg


Donors for 2024 Prize fund (total value $285)

Awaiting to hear from additional potential donors.

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