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Rapid Night Results (June 2024)

We held our second Rapid Night tournament of 2024 on June 13th with 10 players in Group A and 12 players in Group B. Average ratings were 1835 for Group A despite missing NM Ryan Young. For Group B the average rating was 1353. It seems that the standard of chess continues to get higher and the tournaments tougher.

In Group A, Sam took first place after winning against Joe in the final round. Joe was placed second. Sebastian came third based on modified median.

In Group B, Xavier took first place beating J.P. Chess new comer Sofia. Sofia took second place. River was placed third based on modified median after beating the March 2024 Group B winner, Alexander in the final round.

Thanks to organizers Adam and Jamie for adminstering the tournament. The tables below show the full results. The next tournament will be at JP Open Streets on July 21.

Group A Results

Results adjusted for BYEs given in round 2.

Group B Results

Results adjusted for BYEs given in round 4.

Summary Results to Date

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